Kareem Ghandour sharing 3



The third Peace Sounds sharing piece is from multi instrumentalist, mindfulness teacher and cat lover Kareem Ghandour. For those who have heard Peace Sounds 2 will know Kareem’s ‘Opening Up Pan Jam’ an improvisation of the tune ‘We are opening up our hearts and minds’ for hand pan, percussion and hand claps. We spoke about Kareem growing up in Jordan, musical journeys and what it means to work for peace.

Second Peace Sounds sharing

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Second of our Peace Sounds talking projects, a sharing with with songwriter and photographer Monica Max West – including Max’s song ‘We Are All Kinfrom Peace Sounds 2. We met in Max’s garden in London together with Roxy (pictured) to share about the role of song writing, following ones heart and sharing what comes with the world – with a few snuffs in there from Roxy! Max has just released a new record you can find it monicamaxwest.com


Peace Sounds sharings

During this year we have a talking project to share – sharings with the Peace Sounds artists asking about their relationship to song and what peace means to them.

The first is with Poet, Author and Quaker Elder Chris Goodchild. Chris’ song Life is Beautiful is on Peace Sounds 1. 






See our Soundcloud for a half an hour relaxation and meditation musical journey of wellbeing 🙂

Recorded at a Wake Up afternoon this June with Nina Jankelson leading and Peace Sounds’s Joe Holtaway playing and singing –

here’s the description and link


Relaxation at a Wake Up Afternoon of mindfulness on a June Saturday –
led by Nina Jankelson (with Joe Holtaway – playing guitar/singing)
see www.wakeuplondon.org for more on the afternoons.

Song – ‘Peace’, (Plum Village song)
instrumental improvisations-
includes guitar refrain of ‘Messages’ by Xavier Rudd

and chords to ‘Re:stacks’ by Bon Iver