11 thoughts on “Peace Sounds stories

  1. From Lee Durbin – reviews and other things on his twitter feed here twitter.com/lddurbin

    Peace Sounds is a 12-track album recorded with the aim of raising funds for an upcoming event with Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen master whose works and words have influenced many of the artists lending their talents to this release. It is a predominantly acoustic affair, with vocals that celebrate many of the themes one might associate with a renowned Buddhist and peace activist: the natural world, the numinous, and simple human relations.

    The dozen tracks included here showcase a variety of accomplished instrumentalists with striking vocal talents. James Wills’s opening piece overlays birdsong and ethereal backing hums on a plucked acoustic arrangement that culminates in a rumbling outro, over which he sings an ode to dawn. Jackie Oates, formerly of folk group Rachel Unthank and the Winterset, provides a soothing mix of violin, piano, and hushed acoustic guitar, as her graceful voice carries the piece along. Nathan Ball ups the tempo but retains the calm in “Footprints”, whilst Joe Reilly’s respiratory musings in “Tree Meditation” conclude the first half.

    The album’s second half opens with Gavin Kaufman’s gentle minor chords on “Fall In”, followed by Manchester-based singer-songwriter Hilary Bichovsky’s meditative acoustic number, “Ohm Song”. The first and only purely instrumental track on Peace Sounds is Tom Manwell’s “Piano Peace”, which extends over nine minutes but never feels as though it’s outstayed its welcome. The album finishes in very much the same spirit as it began, with a trio of quiet acoustic numbers sharing equally positive titles (Chris Goodchild’s “Life is Beautiful”, Kim Mcmahon’s “I am a Cloud”, and Little Earth’s “Peacefully Free”).

    Joyful, gentle, and barely an octave above a whisper, the dozen tracks on Peace Sounds certainly live up to the album’s title. Ostensibly a musical celebration of a visionary individual once nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize, Peace Sounds is a fine collection in its own right for anyone seeking an hour’s escape from the sound and fury of the everyday rush.

  2. From Jenny – Wanted to let you know we play peace sounds 1 and 2 at our coffee shop in Sydney Australia – perfect for the atmosphere, well done all of you for putting together this project – – with love from us here xxx

  3. Benjamin – From the woodland sounds of message to bears, to the Prayers of Betsy Rose – ahhh perfect for a quiet afternoon . I heard about Peace Sounds through a friend who had been to Plum Village and then was so happy to find the site and hear these songs – feeling safe and full of possibility 🙂 keep it going dear friends – love from Berlin

  4. message from Micheal, Portland –
    ”these songs have been with me for years – at home with my family, in my van, on my player. There’s something paling and inspiring about them and I wanna give my appreciation to these beautiful musicians and writers for making something of really hope – Micheal

  5. Grahame – Nottingham
    I bought your album Peace Sounds at the Nottingham Mindfulness event-. I have to say the album is wonderful! My personal favourite is “May the kindness” such beautiful lyrics.

  6. Jean Michelle, Nante, France –
    I came by the album through a friend who had been to Plum Village – it came on a playlist one evening and I’ve been listening since, I love the balance of the voices and the instruments its a nice mixture of artists here well done for putting it together-
    inspired me to also visit there

    merci for the soundtrack

  7. George Lyon: merci – a super discovery – the songs are played with so much love and intention thank you for the craft – I listen laying in my garden yesterday and I share with everyone at my church 🙂

  8. Jamie – Costa Rica:
    this is goooooood. I look up all the artists and find some other songs I love also. I have been listening in my classroom with my children – we sing along

  9. Thanks Arnold: – ”I remembered that I have bros’ and sis’ in the dharma in London, like Doran, Joe, etc.. On facebook, I listened to your latest post, Nathan Ball singing, and it was a step to bring me back to my true home, not to feel alone in society with all THAT -stess, pressure, social status search, etc. So I am very grateful for all the energy you are engaging in our awakening process, through music it is amazing! It gives me hope, strengh, and confidence to listen to the Peace Sounds, not telling about how harmonious it is.”

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