a cup of tea and a few questions our with Peace Sound’s artists…





Peace of Mind

How are you today?: 
Slightly foggy minded, from a long and active week of music events and performances that have been quite shiny, sometimes breezy, replete with laughter and always late into the night, and I expect the mists will disperse somewhat when I have a shower and shave. More laughter later.

Could you tell us about the song: 
The song is all about a perception of the inherent peace within all living organisms and processes, which remains, even in the midst of turmoil (the turmoil of my own early life experience, in my own case) and of consciously connecting to that peace within…. “I know I’ll find the laughter of the child I left behind” – that natural child is ‘God-ness’ as in the sensing I have that Spirit inhabits all life, equally… and is most easily seen and felt in the Natural Child. It is also, for me at least, that turmoil was and is a part of my life and that while I accept it’s presence, I do not accept it’s dominance. “no lack of love my friends, no lack of light, ever changed the fact that this life is meant to be delight” It’s also about my perception that each of us has a unique journey which we undertake, which is ours alone, and of my sense of trusting in the validity of this personal journey for each of us as part of the wider community of life, personal journeys which intersect as life processes that nurture more life for all life by being one’s true self.

Can you describe your relationship with music?
Immediate, complete, ever present. Music is inherent, emergent, a language of the senses, that is a priori to language. It is a gift from life, and it behoves the muscially gifted  – those who focus on music – to be generous with that gift in order to honour both the gift and others, especially yhe community. I find the commercialisation of music abhorrent. And the use of music as a ‘conditioning tool’ appalls me. And like all good gifts, it’s LOADS OF FUN.
What does Peace mean to you?
The freedom and willingness to nurture oneself and others and laugh with joy at the giftedness of being nurtured.
Where can listeners find more out about you?

My website has links to my music, my writings. I am working on a book, Natural Child, Natural Society. I see Nature as a mystery of Nurturance. Mystery in that the root origin cannot be expressed yet the sense of it can be felt and acted upon. The Natural Child is nature’s human design implication of Peace. We are biologically mandated towards empathy. This is the reality of Nature.

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