Arnold’s Review

My dearest friend of Peace Sounds,

Here is Arnold, regular listener of the Peace Sounds.
I often listen to this album, I cannot tell about all the times I listened to it, so I will share about my last listenning.
First, I am French, so I don’t understand all the lyrics, just some.
I was pressured to have a “normal identity”, “social identity”, not just “practitioner”. So I went on the internet and searched for formations in a great university in Paris, where Thây gave classes, the EPHE. I send a message to a teacher, a good one, then was overwhelmed by the old habits of searching on the internet for a greater future. I noticed it, and after a while remembered of your message, which helped me and touched me deeply. I remembered that I have bros’ and sis’ in the dharma in London, like Doran, Joe, etc.. On facebook, I listened to your latest post, Nathan Ball singing, and it was a step to bring me back to my true home, not to feel alone in society with all THAT -stess, pressure, social status search, etc. So I am very grateful for all the energy you are engaging in our awakening process, through music it is amazing! It gives me hope, strengh, and confidence to listen to the Peace Sounds, not telling about how harmonious it is.
I am there for you, indeed, as you are there for me,
Deep bow,

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